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R.I.P Histology Unit 1.9L
R.I.P Histology Unit 1.9L
RIP 1.9L

Our Price: $4,900.00

Product Code: E-RIP19

Description Technical Specs
The unit/system was designed as a (R)apid (I)nfiltration & (P)rocessing unit/system that incorporates vacuum, pressure, and agitation. Given that these physical characteristics enhance and even speed up the exchange between solutions throughout processing and embedding media infiltration, similar to an automated tissue processor with its alcohol, xylenes and paraffin wax, it was realized that this unit/system could be created to perform where a typical tissue processor could not. In fact, the unit/system was initially created to augment the process of acrylic resin infiltration, but turned out to benefit: fixation with any type of specimen fixative; dehydration with alcohols; clearing with organic solvents like xylenes and methyl salicylate; specimen infiltration with any type of acrylic or epoxy resin; and even decalcification with a variety of acid concentrations due to its stainless steel design. The unit/system is available in two sizes (1.9 L - small type specimens & 8.0 L - larger type specimens) and is completely customizable to meet and/or grow with your specimen workflow demand. For a very reasonable price (that mirrors the cost of a large vacuum chamber and shaker platform) you can get a basic unit/system that contains 3 vacuum/pressure retort vessels w/ 3 standard stainless steel lids, 1 stainless steel wire mesh basket, 1 vacuum/pressure lid and 1 vacuum/pressure supply control unit. The unit/system is a closed unit/system that is compact with the ability to fit conveniently in a fume hood and without the loss of valuable bench or hood space. It is essentially a portable vacuum/pressure unit that can be easily exchanged from the hood to the bench and back as needed.

Prices start at $4,600.00 Contact us for customized packages
  • 3 Retort vessels
    1 Combination Pressure & Vacuum lid
    1 Dipping Basket
    1 Pump
    1 Stir Bar
    Unit is made of stainless steel

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