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Dorn & Hart Microedge is a proud member of the National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) and a sponsor to the Hard Tissue Committee.
About Us
The History of Dorn & Hart Microedge, Inc. In 1946, working out of a garage and with the use of a hand grinder, a microscope, and some basic hand tools, Vernon Dorn began his business of knife re-sharpening and machine repair services. Each Monday morning, Mr. Dorn would drive into the city and visit local hospitals to pick up knives and machines needing repair. As he met with his clients each week, his promise was to have the knives and machines he picked up returned and ready for use by the following Friday. In fact, on many occasions Mr. Dorn would work late into the evening to make certain that his promise was kept. Over the next decade and a half as Mr. Dorn saw his business grow, he found it necessary to take on an apprentice to help him keep up with the increased demand for his rapid turnaround services. It was 1963 when Mr. Dorn hired Ken Hart, a high school student with very good mechanical skills, to help with the deliveries and eventually to work on the machines. With the two working together, they became very efficient and their reputation quickly spread to hospitals and labs across the country. As business steadily continued to increase, Dorn & Hart moved out of the garage and into a new building where packages from all over the country began to fill the mailbox. As the techniques used in histology and pathology has evolved over the years, so has Dorn & Hart. Dorn & Hart was a pioneer in the industry with tungsten-carbide knives and today's tungsten-carbide blades are all based on the early prototypes Dorn & Hart made in the 1970's. With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and reconditioning / resharpening cutting instruments, Dorn & Hart has the knowledge and expertise to service all your "cutting edge" needs. In 2015 Dorn & Hart Microedge moved from their long time home into a new, larger, and modern facility on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. At the new facility we have been able to expand our capabilities and the amount of products we manufacture. We continue to severe customers world wide from our new facility with the same passion and integrity as when our business was founded 70 years ago.