Resharpening Service
Resharpening and Recondtioning of all knives and scissors

Dorn & Hart Microedge has been in the business of resharpening microtome knives and scissors since Vernon Dorn started the company in 1946. Each knife (or other cutting instrument) goes through a rigorous 7 step reconditioning and re-sharpening process; with the last step being a quality inspection of the cutting edge under a microscope. The result of this process is a high quality knife that meets the original manufacturing specifications, gives you crystal clear sections, and lasts much longer than other types of microtome knives.

Turn around time on our Reconditioning & Re-sharpening Service is 1-3 business days in our shop or Faster

Directions to use our Service:

1. Put your items in need of reconditioning and resharpening service in their case or protective wrap.

2. Put all the cases or wrapped items in a box with ample packing around. Ensure that the equipment cannot become loose in the box as unsecured items can break during transport.

3. Include e-mail address, phone number and payment information with the package
If using a Purchase Order (PO#) please include PO#, Bill to: and Ship to: addresses
If using a Credit Card please include the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the person to contact for credit card information.

4. Secure the box closed (ensure that the items are not loose inside) and ship via your preferred carrier (FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL) to us at:
Dorn & Hart Microedge, Inc.
Resharpening Service
4155 E. Union Ave.
Loxley, AL 36551

All Microtome and Lab service work is returned via FedEx ground service. Express delivery options are available upon customer request

To ensure that your items are serviced as fast as possible it is IMPORTANT to INCLUDE your contact information; without it is impossible to contact you if there are questions or missing information.